CivMaq Projects also provides clients with a complete facilities management solution for the benefit of a variety of industries, allowing for minimum disruption to workflow, reduced costs and a standard of quality that will hugely benefit any business, organisation or institution. Our immaculate track record within this industry has contributed to our continued growth, as we understand companies and their facilities requirements.

As well as all of the basic facilities management elements that we take care of, we also provide numerous support services, including maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, energy management, waste management and pest control, with a specific focus on occupational health and safety, as well as environmental concerns.

Our company provides solutions that are tailored to each client, while the following attributes set us apart as a provider of value:

  • Measurable and accountable service levels.
  • Transparent procurement through market independence.
  • Advanced energy assessment, monitoring and management systems.
  • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Specialised consulting services.
  • Supply and installation of quality sanitaryware.
  • Supply of cleaning equipment.
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