Securing Premises With Trustworthy And Professional Solutions From Enviromongz
Enviromongz Projects is a trusted and reliable facilities management company specialised in the provision of professional security solutions and services designed to benefit the government, commercial, corporate and residential sectors. --> read more

Beyond Construction – CivMaq’s Expertise In Commercial & Industrial Cleaning
In addition to the superior construction and engineering services that CivMaq Projects has become known for, the company has a facilities management offering that many of its clients take advantage of. --> read more

The Benefits Of Professional Cable Management Through SecureMaq
In a corporate world that is becoming increasingly connected and reliant on the ability to communicate faster and more efficiently, focusing on quality communication products and cable management should be a priority for any business. --> read more

Landscaping Has Become An Important Part Of Facilities Management
In a country like South Africa, where we are blessed with an abundance of outdoor space that can be used to further enhance the reputation and image of the brand, appointing the right company to take charge of and maintain the landscaping aspect of a firm’s facilities management is important. .. --> read more

Offering Satellite Solutions To Ensure The Ultimate In Connectivity For Businesses
Any business requires connectivity to function optimally in the modern world. This means a solution that will allow for an organisation's employees and customers to connect and share information quickly, reliably and effectively. In cases where a connection is not reliable, or copper and fibre solutions for connectivity are simply not an option.. --> read more

Enviromongz – Taking The Guesswork Out Of Occupational Health And Safety
One of the considerations that companies across numerous industry parallels need to take very seriously is occupational health and safety. This is why Enviromongz Projects is dedicated to the highest safety standards; so that clients can rest assured that their workforce and the general public are not put at any risk during working operations.. --> read more

Make Sure Your Business Benefits From World-Class Energy Management
Energy is a major buzzword these days, with the importance of renewables and especially the lack of sufficient electricity through Eskom grabbing the headlines in South Africa. While energy is incredibly important, it is how it is managed that makes all the difference in terms of cost and efficiency. . --> read more

CivMaq Projects Embracing Technology - Fibre Optic Cable Installation
CivMaq Projects is an innovative company that embraces the important role technology plays in the modern world. As a result, the company has incorporated new services based around the latest technologies impacting the corporate world. . --> read more

CivMaq Projects - Building A Construction And Engineering Legacy
You wouldn’t be misled if you believe that the construction industry in South Africa is overcrowded, but quantity seldom means quality, and this is why CivMaq Projects is focusing on building a legacy as a construction and engineering company of the highest calibre. --> read more

CivMaq And Enviromongz - The Facilities Management Specialists
When choosing a facilities management company, it is important to select a firm with the track record and expertise to deliver a comprehensive and professional solution that takes care of all of the facilities requirements of the organisation in question. --> read more

Mongezi Maqubela – An Entrepreneur Positively Impacting Multiple Industries
Mongezi Maqubela has always been a person with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit, so it is no surprise that he is the driving force behind four businesses that are positively impacting important industries in South Africa and beyond. --> read more